Redline Tattoo Aftercare Policy

Remember your tattoo is a piece of artwork and the better you look after it the better your tattoo will look for longer. Follow the advice below and preserve your investment.

Always wash your hands before cleaning your tattoo and try not to touch it unnecessarily until it has healed.

1. Wash your tattoo with clean water and if you prefer a mild glycerine soap.
Wash with lukewarm water to prevent burning as your skin will be very sensitive.
Don,t put your tattoo under running water.

2. Pat dry with a clean towel don,t rub your tattoo dry.

3. Make sure your hands are clean and apply a small amount of moisturiser.
We recommend a 3 in 1 tattoo aftercare product ( ask the tattooist ).

4. For the next few days wash your tattoo regularly but don,t soak it.
Apply a small amount of aftercare or moisturiser.

5. If your tattoo starts to scab don,t pick it.

6. Don,t use sun beds or sunbathe or go swimming until your tattoo has fully healed.

7. If your tattoo becomes inflamed or looks like it is infected.
Please go to see your doctor.